Corrine K: 

"It was wonderful to have Janice's feedback. She found errors that I had gone over a million times and missed. When she was finished editing my novel, she gave me a few pages of her thoughts on how I could improve my plot and characters. This was greatly appreciated, and unexpected." 

Angela P:

"Janice evaluated my short story collection and was able to find the beating heart of it, propose order from its chaos, and identify technical aspects of my writing that could be improved. After working with her, I gained a renewed sense of purpose and was motivated to return to the difficult task of revision. Her editorial sensibilities are spot on, and her work and professionalism are impeccable. I’d recommend her services to writers in any career stage."

Aaron P: 

"What I love about working with Janice is that she allows me to still be the author. Her guidance and feedback have made my stories so much better, but they are still mine. Some editors I've worked with try to re-write on you. Janice does not. Her approach is one of education and support, a physical trainer for the page.